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Gardening, quilting, cooking and dogs
  • 07/30/13--09:06: Flavorful and healthy (chan 25959896)
  • I’m on a new kick.  We all know I wander from one focus to the next like a hobo with no home but at least I’m not bored . . . or boring.  I’m always experimenting, learning new things, TRYING new things . . . and I like it.  Testing ideas is a good way […]

  • 07/30/13--09:17: Basil carrots (chan 25959896)
  • Wadly’s not a fan of vegetables.  He’s tall and thin and lives on meat and starch.  Getting him to eat and enjoy vegetables not loaded with starch is a personal quest. My latest shot at Wadly-edible vegetables is basil carrots.  He thinks they’re okay (not high praise but close) and I love them. Saute onions, […]

  • 08/24/13--07:28: Bella is . . . well, Bella (chan 25959896)
  • We’ve got a new rescue dog. She’s pretty much blind as a bat and is now a bit over a year old. She’s the toughest dog I’ve ever had. She spent the first 8 months of her life either tied or kenneled outside, we don’t know which, but she knew nothing about manners or proper […]

  • 10/04/13--06:46: Breakfast Frittata (chan 25959896)
  • If you’ve never had a frittata, I’m going to recommend you try one. They’re very easy to make and delightfully flexible. I go through periods where I want seafood, other times when my preference is for breakfast-y stuff. Today my frittata had sausage, bacon, Danish Havarti, chevre, zucchini, onion and asparagus. Oh, and hash browns […]

  • 06/10/14--10:18: Looking at PH (chan 25959896)
  • When the new media is crushed and ph tested, it drops the ph of the water to 6.0. The system water hovers between 7.2 and 7.4.

  • 06/10/14--10:31: The trial (chan 25959896)
  • For a couple years my brother Dan was a maintenance engineer at a produce processing plant. He did a system retrofit and brought me some of the stuff being thrown away. This flood and drain planter is a piece of 6″ schedule 40 pvc pipe. The ends are survey caps purchased at a local plumbing […]

  • 07/09/14--14:39: New media with a twist (chan 25959896)
  • I noticed some chemical burning on the tomato plant leaves and tested the water.  8.0 ph when I need 7.3.  Ouch.  Burn baby burn.  While all three tomato plants have blossoms, only one is producing fruit and shows no sign of the chem burn. I didn’t just test the PH, I tested nitrate, nitrite and […]

  • 07/22/14--14:35: Portable crisper (chan 25959896)
  • I eat a lot of vegetables. Because I am a fuss-less person I’ve come up with a way to get my veges out of the fridge without spending forever pulling them out of a drawer, stacking them on the counter, whack off what I need only to stick them back in the fridge again every […]